Returns and Warranty Policy

Any product you purchase from Loadout Airsoft is covered by our straight-forward Returns & Warranty Policy. From the day you receive your order you are covered by our Returns & Warranty policy for 30 days!

To request a return: 

1. If you are unhappy with your order, please email your return request to with your issues. You will receive a confirmation email with further instructions on how to return your purchase.

2. Once your returns are made and inspected, you will receive email notice and a refund within 2 business days.



The following will void your warranty and ability to return an item:

  • Attempting to disassemble, upgrade, repair, or alter the product in any way. This includes the removal of the federally mandated orange tip, any warning/safety labels or markings, SB199 or other state/city compliant markings for any airsoft guns on all orders to and from the state of California (or others that may require them).
  • Use of low grade BBs. Do not use 0.12g BBs in any airsoft guns other than low end, entry level plastic guns (aka LPEGS). Using low grade BBs or BBs lighter than 0.20g BBs in any metal gearbox or competition level gun will cause damage to the gun and void all warranties and possibility of return. Airsoft Station does not cover internal warranties on guns damaged by the use of 0.12g BB.
  • Due to the nature and use of airsoft products external damage and/or wear and tear is not covered under warranty of any product.
  • Batteries that are not charged using a smart charger are not covered under warranty. A smart charger is required to safely charge all batteries.
  • Use of LiPO/LiFE/Li-Ion or any other high voltage/current batteries in guns not specifically advertised by the manufacturer as "LiPO, LiFE, or LiION-Ready".
  • Garments or Tactical Gear/Apparel that is soiled or missing it's original tags. Soiled garments or those with tags removed will not be accepted under any circumstance and can be returned to the buyer at the buyer's expense. We will attempt to contact you via the email address provided on the order. If we are unable to get a response, any items that cannot be returned or are refused by the customer will be treated as abandoned and will be discarded by our staff without issuing a refund.

Buyer's Responsibility Policy:

  • By purchasing anything or using services from Loadout Airsoft, you certify that you understand that it is your responsibility to know the local, state, and federal laws concerning the products you are purchasing.
  • You understand that the minimum age for purchasing airsoft guns is 18 years and you meet this requirement.
  • You also verify that you have read and agree to any and all of Airsoft Station's policies. The buyer/consumer who purchases from Airsoft Station is responsible for informing themselves of all local and state laws.
  • Additionally any person whom purchases from our website is responsible for reviewing and accepting all terms and conditions set forth on
  • Once your order online or phone order is completed, the customer releases Loadout Airsoft of all liability related to acknowledgment of terms and conditions, policies, and product use liability.
  • The consumer is also responsible for reviewing and informing themselves of all product warranty terms and exclusions to such terms as provided by any applicable manufacturer, distributor, or retailer.